Dear Randy,

Trust has been a crucial factor in the relationship I have with you.

As you know, you recently helped renew a lease that we had initiated with our landlord 3 years ago. We had a choice of moving to a new location or staying in our current offices. We had a preference for not moving, but the asking rate for renewal was higher than other similar office suites that we were considering. Also, we knew that our office park will not stay vacant and landlord would be able to command a high asking price.

Through our past association with you we had come to rely on your seasoned and thorough knowledge of the market and the current trends. You had the initiative to start a year before our lease was due for renewal and with planned and consistent approach, you managed to bring the landlord to accept lower terms than what they originally expected. In addition we had a substantive and very comfortable tenant improvement allowance in par with other suite alternatives.

I feel a major factor in your success is your personal and professional commitment to the client’s objective. Your experience and ingenuousness to find the optimum solution for the client is really world class. You uncompromisingly develop solutions consistent with the stated goals and then you make sure to see that the client has several alternatives while being cognizant of the concern for strategic timing.

Thank you again for helping us with our office renewal!


Amir Ghanouni

VP of Sales

Aeroflex Inc.

Irvine, CA