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Current Videos

These videos contain information about Commercial Realty Specialists, as well as the overall Commercial Real Estate industry. From these videos, you’ll find helpful information on the steps to take when purchasing commercial real estate and provide you a better understanding of the commercial realty industry.

These videos are meant to help you prepare so you’re ready when the time comes to renegotiate your lease contract or look for a new property to lease or purchase.

Below is a list of videos to help you have an improved understanding of the services we proudly provide.


Video 1: When Should You Begin the Lease or Purchase Process

Video 2: To Sublease or Not

Video 3: How to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Video 4: Advantages of Representation

Video 5: 6 Tips on How Commercial Property Can Get or Stay Leased

Video 6: Elements of an Office Suite Walkthrough

Video 7: Ways to Achieve Flexibility in a Commercial Real Estate Lease