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Class A 

Class A buildings are characterized as having excellent location and access, attracting high quality tenants, and they are professionally managed. Building materials are high quality and rents are competitive with other new buildings. In practical terms, the office buildings that you see in the heart of the financial district with lots of granite, marble/glass, and huge, expensive lobbies are examples of Class A office buildings.  Class A office buildings are usually steel-framed and tall.  They are often occupied by banks, law firms, investment banking companies, and other high-profile companies.

Class B

These buildings have good (versus excellent) locations, management, and construction. Tenant standards are high. Buildings should have very little functional obsolescence and deterioration. In practical terms, Class B buildings can be built as Class B buildings or may be older, former Class A buildings. Class B office buildings may be found in the suburbs or the less-pricey areas of major Central Business Districts.

Class C

Class C buildings are often 15 to 25 years old. Class C buildings are typically characterized by lower quality finishes and outdated building facades and interior spaces.