It has been a pleasure interning at Commercial Realty Specialists. As someone on their way to getting their real estate license, the abundance of time Randy and Barron have taken to explain all aspects of completing a deal in today’s market has been invaluable. From cold calling to prospecting to sitting in on lease agreement deals, CRS has given me a front row seat to nearly every part of the tenant representation side of commercial real estate. During my time here I have been able to build skills and confidence in professional environments, get great experience in both cold calling and in communication with high level brokers in the area, and get an in depth understanding of small business along with how they work and grow.

Randy, Barron, and the team are pleasant to work with and always take extra time for questions asked and provide a unique learning experience for anyone looking to break into commercial real estate, or the business world in general. With the sheer amount of experience they bring to the table as well as a very large network, CRS is a great place to learn and grow as an individual and young professional. I would recommend this internship to any and all students looking to gain the experience and skills necessary to grow and succeed in a business or real estate career.

– Aidan