“For the past 3 months, I’ve worked as an intern for Commercial Realty Specialists. In this time, CRS has given me an invaluable amount of experience and knowledge that I will take with me and use as the foundation for my future career endeavors.

“Not only did I gain insight into the commercial real estate industry, but I also learned how to successfully market and brand a business through email, social media, and web design. My supervisor, Deborah Pierson, was very helpful and patient as I learned these tools of the business, and allowed me enough autonomy to learn on my own while supporting me throughout all my projects and tasks. It was within this setting that I was able to understand team collaboration in a business environment.

Working under the tutelage of the managing partner, Randy Mason, was a fantastic experience as well. He instructed me on making sales calls, meeting clients, tracking down prospects, and analyzing lease documents. He has challenged me with meaningful tasks that are important to the success of the company and helped me to fully understand the company’s role in the commercial real estate industry. I’ve truly learned more about commercial real estate in the past few months than I have throughout my entire collegiate career.

Along with the knowledge and technical skill I’ve gained, time I’ve put in at small business conventions, networking mixers, and face to face client meetings have helped immensely in making me comfortable and confident in a professional environment. I would recommend this internship program to any college student interested in real estate, who wants hands on experience in a flexible environment. ” -Chris Darling, Intern August 2013