“Throughout my experience at Commercial Realty Specialists I developed an ample amount of essential skills that are extremely useful in the business world.  Randy’s approach to his internship is a bit unorthodox and it allows you to learn more than you could in any other internship.  His mentality on how you should be involved allows you to freely explore ideas and possibilities that would otherwise be impossible at another generic internship.  His approach has enabled me to highlight my strengths in order to achieve a better end result.  The tasks and duties assigned to me have each fulfilled a purpose in learning about the real estate industry or problem solving skills essential to running your own business.  Through Randy’s counsel and positive reinforcement I am now highly confident in the realm of sales and marketing.  I also owe this in part to the door to door interactions that were required of me.  I really have learned a lot in my experience with Randy and I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in building a repertoire of crucial business skills.”  – Eric Ruggio, Intern