“Working as a brand marketing and sales promotion intern for Commercial Realty Specialists has allowed me to develop and grow both as a professional and as a human being. Joining the CRS team has been my best business decision as a young professional without a doubt. I now have a whole new skill set that has led me to more opportunities in the work world. Interns at CRS are not limited to one task; each intern is responsible for multiple components of the company. This internship has not only shown me a new industry, but has given me tools that will help me obtain success in any field. Being a CRS intern has taught me how to apply teamwork into an office setting as well.

Randy Mason and Deborah Pierson are intelligent and humble professionals that have so much knowledge they want to share with their interns. They are willing to spend time with each individual intern, making sure they are getting the most they can out of the experience. Deborah is a strong, efficient professional. She does a wonderful job leading the intern team by teaching us something new every day. She is extremely organized, which directly translates to CRS’s success while working every day to make sure CRS’s brand spreads. Deborah is the rock of this company. Without her CRS would not be as successful as it is. On top of everything she does for CRS, Deborah always brings such a positive attitude to the office. It is easy to tell how much she truly cares about her team and is invested in the betterment of each and every employee at CRS. She has taught me so much that I feel comfortable pursuing a number of different fields in the near future. My experience at CRS is something I will always remember.” -Greg Johnson, Intern Summer 2014