“During my time as an intern at CRS Commercial Real Estate, I had the great fortune of
working with some incredible individuals to grow my skill set in the business environment. In
short, my experience in working with database management and interacting with clients outside
of the office helped to hone both my quantitative and qualitative skills. Over the many projects I
took on, I saw my skills applied in a number of different ways, which in turn helped me gain
confidence in a number of different business areas.
In addition to developing myself professionally, the internship program helped me
develop great new relationships with fellow interns. The comradery is unmatched when
compared to other firms I have worked with. The many backgrounds of my fellow colleagues are
another reason the internship program is a great option for many, as I was able learn from the
many different experiences they had encountered in their professional lives. All in all, the
friendships I made with my colleagues added to my incredible experience.
Finally, I want to personally thank both Randy and Brennen for taking me under their
wing in the early months, and for teaching me all they could about how to better myself as a
professional in the business environment. I believe their guidance, and attention to detail is
unmatched in many other internship programs, and I believe this added tremendous value to my
professional experience. The exposure to real world projects and value adding tasks allowed for
me to experience what it takes to be a part of building a business. I can easily say I learned a
tremendous amount from them, and am leaving CRS with many more skills than when I first
started.For any individual looking to develop and learn skills which will help in their future
career endeavors, Commercial Realty Specialists is a fantastic company to intern for. Not only
did it allow for an exploration of the field of Commercial Real Estate, but the environment in
which to do so was both open and fun. I highly recommend this internship for any University
student looking to develop their skills in a variety of different areas.”
-Gustavo A. Tinajero Summer Intern 2019