I had the pleasure of working for CRS this summer. While working for CRS, I gained many valuable skills that can be applied to any line of work. From the beginning, I was warmly welcomed by Randy and Barron. Their passion for their work and willingness to mentor me made me feel like a valued member of the team from day one. I was able to utilize my previous work experiences and apply new skills to this position.

CRS gave me the opportunity to learn more about the commercial real estate world by helping with lease negotiation tasks, cold calling leasing agents, creating marketing content, and managing the social media accounts. Both Randy and Barron offered me helpful, constructive criticism and were very supportive of the work I put in. All the other interns are in the same position as you, so utilize each other to learn from one another.

You will be met with a constantly changing environment as every day brings various challenges. The office is very professional, but it makes sure to incorporate fun aspects such as playing ping pong during lunch. CRS offers an amazing foundation for anyone looking to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

-Isabella Yesin