“Unlike several other interns at Commercial Realty Specialists, I knew very little about professional environments, business development, marketing, and commercial real estate before I joined the team at Commercial Realty Specialists. I am extremely grateful that the managing partner, Randy Mason, took a chance on me, and mentored me for a whole year. This experience has truly been the most valuable professional experience of my life thus far, and the experiences I have had here have not only helped me grow as a professional but also personally.

As a Commercial Realty Specialists intern I have been able to learn from a wide variety of experiences in commercial real estate, but also in business development and management, running a business, marketing, social media, sales, web design, and video editing. As an intern, Commercial Realty Specialists will support you in whatever you are interested in, and give you the education, support, and resources to become an expert in your areas of interest. Randy Mason and the team at Commercial Realty Specialists will tailor the internship program to help you learn whatever you may be interested in. So whether you are interested in a career in Commercial Real Estate, like I am, or are interested in a career in web development and marketing, this internship will be very valuable to you.

By joining the team at Commercial Realty Specialists I had the opportunity to go to professional networking events, attend educational conferences, attend Commercial Real Estate speaker events, sit-in on client meetings, and attend an assortment of other business related meetings. Through all of these experiences I have become more comfortable in a business environment which has helped build my confidence in a professional setting.

For any person looking to learn and be a part of experiences that will help their future endeavors, the Commercial Realty Specialists internship program is perfect. Not only do the daily tasks help a person learn, the environment here is friendly and fun. I highly recommend this internship for anyone who wants to learn and become skilled in a variety of different areas that will help a person get ready to start a career.” -John Costa, Intern July 2013