“For the Summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to intern with Commercial Realty Specialists.
During my time with the company, I was able to learn and grow in skills that will be of value for
success in my future and obtain real world experience.
During my internship term, I was able to work and collaborate with fellow college students on
projects for the company in a professional environment. This not only allowed me to acquire
more experience with working in a team, but this allowed me to network with other students at
other Universities.
The management team was very attentive and communicative with the fellow interns and I
which allowed me to be able to complete projects in a stress-free, timely manner. Thanks to
Randy and Brennen, I have been able to obtain professional experience with this company and
build connections that may benefit my career in the future.
CRS is a great company to work with and would recommend to any college student interested
in an internship.”
Maddie Bertrand, Summer Intern 2019