“During my time as an intern at Commercial Realty Specialists, I had an experience unlike any other. This was my first internship opportunity, and I went into this thinking I would be doing the tasks interns normally do: filing, data entry, picking up coffee etc. I was wrong. From website cleaning to prospecting, I worked in every aspect of the promised to me at the beginning of the internship. CRS is all about putting their interns in the best position possible to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue following the internship.

During the internship, I worked with various other interns at times which helped me build a comradery with them and learned to work with people I am unfamiliar with in a professional manner. While other internships focus on handing them busy work, CRS made sure I developed vital skills necessary to succeed in any line of work. They take pride in how they develop and utilize their interns, treating them as a vital cog in their business rather than another lap dog. Randy and Barron trusted me with multiple projects that one would encounter in the real world, allowing me to get a sense of how life would be after CRS.

The team was extremely hands on and attentive and always made sure to assist me in any way possible. Both Randy and Barron ensured I was gaining valuable knowledge/experience in my position, so I thank them both for the opportunity they have given me and all the hard work they put in to ensure I came away from this internship with the proper skills needed to enhance my career. I wish them and the company nothing but success.

I highly recommend and encourage any college student contemplating for this role to apply and take the position. You will not regret this internship.”

– Meelad Taufiq