“Working as a business development intern with Randy at Commercial Realty Specialists was one of the best career decisions I’ve made thus far. Even though real estate isn’t the direction I plan on going, every aspect of this job is helpful for the future. This position is not just getting coffee and picking up the dry cleaning like many tend to be, it’s about business development and more importantly personal development. The main goal is learning all about how to build business first handedly so anyone can take a lot from this position. The skill set I entered into this job with has exponentially increased and I have become more confident in saying that I am a great potential hire for any business once I graduate college. Randy gave me a lot of creative wiggle room in this position. He was always open to any and all suggestions in the realm of marketing and really inspired me to pull through with those ideas until I prospered which is something little internships allow you to do.” – Nicole Beck, Intern January 2011