Dear Sir/ Madam

PAETEC Communications has employed Randy Mason during the past eight months to secure three separate premise changes, key to the continued rapid growth and success of the Company.

The fact that we have utilized Randy for three projects is indicative of our complete satisfaction with the level of service he has given us, his research results, extensive negotiations with different landlords on each occasion, and his management of the tasks from idea to completion. Prior to meeting Randy, our experience of commercial realtors was generally unsatisfactory, with strong salesmanship unsupported by follow-through and delivery. We are delighted now to have Randy as our ‘resident’ realtor and to be able to turn away other prospectors from his industry.

The projects Randy has undertaken for PAETEC are: –

  1.  The relocation of our Head Office to 20,000 square feet to prime space in Irvine, including the early termination of the existing lease. The new space was completely refurbished, with the provision of individual offices, conference rooms, open plan accommodation and catering facilities.
  2. The extension of the lease, with additional space for our 5,000 square feet Culver City branch office.
  3. Established a new 3,000 square feet sales office in Ontario.

Randy has worked with many PAETEC managers at these locations. He is personable, strong on communications, of high integrity, and a hard worker. We will not hesitate to use Randy for our next project, or to recommend him to you.

Please let me know if I can assist further.

Yours truly

Chris Bantoft

President, West & Alternate Channels

PAETEC Communications