“Having the opportunity this summer to work at CRS has truly been a pleasure. Being someone who was not necessarily heading in the direction of real estate previously, this internship has really opened my eyes into the world of real estate, and especially commercial real estate. The team members at CRS are truly experienced and know what it takes to run a business. The internship itself sports many different experiences for the interns to really get a hands-on experience about what to expect in commercial real estate. You will be performing a plethora of different tasks, like data-entry, prospecting for new clients, marketing, and even the occasional malfunctioning printer. To me, that was what made this experience so great, was you never really knew what you were going to be working on next which really kept you on your feet at all times as to what you would be tasked with. This internship is designed to give you a good feel not just about what it takes to run a commercial real estate firm, but what it takes to run a small business, which I think is a valuable experience for any prospective business student out there. To any students out there, I cannot recommend CRS enough and hope you are given the same opportunity that I once was, and learn the many skills it has to offer from the experts at CRS.” Summer internship 2019