“Interning here at Commercial Realty Specialists has allowed me to grow and mature as a person. Under Randy Mason’s leadership, I’ve learned a great deal about all aspects of commercial real estate, how to work in a professional environment, and valuable life lessons. While working for Randy Mason, I’ve expanded new grounds outside my comfort zone; from making business calls to going out and having face to face interactions with business contacts. Within the first few weeks of interning at Lee & Associates, I was taught the fundamentals of the commercial real estate business. Randy taught me the foundation of his business, what he does, the fashion in which he does business, and the logic behind his operation. With day to day tasks such as reading current commercial real estate articles, posting commercial real estate news to social media accounts, creating PowerPoint’s, and time spent within the office, I gained a firm foundation of the business. With this understanding, I moved on to making phone calls and knocking on business doors, which has allowed me to enhance my sales skills. I’ve taken away simple but important things useful in any real world situation such as the correct way to handshake, the importance of eye contact while listening or speaking with your audience, and remembering to smile.” – Tony Awadalla, Intern April 2011