Interning for Randy Mason at Commercial Realty Specialists was an overall great experience and definitely provided value for me as I continue my future.  The skill sets I have gained from the internship are not only applicable in the Real Estate industry, but just professionally in general.  This internship provides for challenging responsibilities that help you grow your communication skills and overall strategic skills.

A great part of the internship was the fact that it was pretty much personalized.  Randy gives a lot of trust to his interns, which at first can be intimidating, but only helps you complete your work more efficiently and also makes you feel more comfortable in the office as well.  Aside from all the work that we get assigned, we get to see how Randy deals with his clients and how he is so successful in the industry.  Whether it be sitting in on phone calls or in-the-field client meetings, those experiences translate into great learning tools and have helped gain more value out of the internship.

Randy is a man of his word and will provide a great internship experience for anyone who works for him.  It has been a pleasure being an intern for Commercial Realty Specialists and I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking to dive into this industry.” –Tyler Johnson, Intern