“Throughout the 10 weeks during Spring, I completed the UC Irvine ACP Marketing Internship Program at Commercial Realty Specialists. It was a fantastic experience studying abroad and working in a local start-up company. Through the internship I gained marketing practice in a local small business environment.  It was a long-term process however it was also the beginning of my new career.

When I joined Commercial Realty Specialists, other interns had just finished their internship program, so I quickly picked up on the tasks from others. I was trying to use my knowledge of marketing strategy and planning to complete these daily tasks.   I realized these are all the tough tasks a start-up business is responsible for completing. During the internship, I worked on multiple tasks from website management using WordPress, SEO optimization, CRS Flyers and Brochure, CRS Internship How-To Manual, Social Media Campaigns involving Facebook/Twitter/Hoot Suite/YouTube/LinkedIn, Time Management and Leadership ability-training new interns, to attending CRS Events and Training Sessions.

I respect the sense of humor my boss Randy and manager Deborah maintained, even in stressful working conditions. They enjoyed working every day and  focused on achieving results. Through this internship I learned time management, team building, scheduling, communication,  and sales skills. On my last day at Commercial Realty Specialists, they scheduled a BBQ to celebrate the completion of my internship. This is an example of the team environment in place there and how everyone works together. Commercial Realty Specialists has a professional team environment that made my experience and time there something really special and created an atmosphere in which it was enjoyable to work.” -Wen Sun, Intern June 2013